edwin kofler

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👋 haii! i'm a driven software developer interested in and learning skills, tools, and techniques related to linux system administration / development, full-stack (javascript) development, devops, and distributed systems. i'm most comfortable using javascript and web technologies, but i'm always open to learning new things!

some of my projects


interactively displays the periodic table of the elements! see interesting graphs and charts for each element. optionally, quiz youreself if you wish to memorize the periodic table! this is a full-stack (javascript) web application that leverages vue and express. this soon-to-be-beta quality app can be reached at chemtable.app

screenshot of chemtable.app

robotics team website

i built my high school robotics club's website, originally for a website-building competition. it's a single page application built with vue, located at competition.eshspotatoes.com

screenshot of chemtable.app


showcases great games made by the repl.it community. easily search, play, and save games. some potential features include a leaderboard system and fully-integrated multiplayer apis. project still in early development


a meta-tool used to track, organize, start, and deploy programming projects of different languages. extreme pre-alpha quality. it builds on a pluggable, extendable (microservice) architecture, extensively leveraging javascript, docker, nats (message broker), and kubernetes technologies