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Edwin Kofler

👋 Haii! I'm a student software engineer learning facts, skills, tools, and techniques for efficient development. These days, I'm building personal tooling to streamline my development workflow, irrespective of software ecosystem. If you like Bash, see my various Bash apps and libraries.

Featured Projects


A version manager that works for nearly every language. It's essentially a fancy combination of rvm, nvm, pyenv, phpenv, etc. Currently, it supports 35+ languages on x86_64, but the list is constantly growing. It is written in pure Bash and builds on Basalt, my Bash package manager.


A fully-featured package manager for Bash, among other shells. I gave a lightning talk for it at PackagingCon 2021, showing features such as local and global projects, support for actual Bash libraries, and more! Along with Basalt, I have written numerous never-seen-before Bash libraries like bash-object (nested data structures in Bash). See the full ecosystem here.


I currently maintain autoenv, a solution for constructing directory-based shell environments. As a pure-shell alternative to direnv, this project is used by thousands for ensuring certain directory-dependent environment variables, functions, etc. are dynamically available.


A personal knowledge management solution. See why I'm building it, as opposed to using other solutions, such as Obsidian or TiddlyWiki. Currently in prototyping phase on GitHub.